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TinyStickers Hoortoestel stickers
neli blotenburg

Very nice stickers! Our girl is very happy with it
Thank you!

TinyStickers hoortoestel stickers
Finn Beel

Top online store😊 definitely deserves 5 stars.

hoortoestel stickers.png
Tabea Voß

The stickers are great. My son wanted a sticker with his hair for his new CI. After a short consultation with TinyStickers, this request was fulfilled very easily.
The other stickers for the processor and his hearing aid also look really nice. As soon as the devices are complete, the stickers are stuck on.
Thank you. My son is totally happy.

Marloes Huizinga

Very nice stickers. Both my children (boy and girl), aged 3 and 5, now proudly wear their hearing aids and show them off to everyone. They also stay in place well.

tinystickers sticker hoortoestel.jpg
Brenda Erkelens

The stickers have only been on the hearing aids for fifteen minutes, so I can't say anything yet about how long they will stay in place and remain beautiful.
I can say that the service provided by Michiel and Tiny is really very good. Michiel personally contacted me after I asked which model I should choose because I didn't see mine. Even after everything had been arranged, he asked if the order had arrived correctly.
And not entirely unimportant... it is difficult to choose not only for children but also for colorful adults like me with so many different fun stickers!

Ann S.

Ended up here through colleagues. Very fast and friendly response and super helpful. My son now has a very nice CI that makes him even more unique 😊

Wendy S.

Daughter very happy! Fortunately, there are people who can turn necessity into a virtue! Friendly people and fast service despite the large selection of stickers. Highly recommended!

TinyStickers hoortoestel stickers
Christina Agermose

Fantastic customer service. Card payment was not an option to start with, but they fixed that quickly. Super fast delivery, despite the fact that they had to go from Belgium to Denmark. The stickers are exactly as expected, really nice and super easy to put on. Can definitely recommend Tinystickers.

Hoortoestel stickers review
Mariska de Blieck

I'm completely happy with it.
More people need to know this. At the hearing store I could choose from all kinds of gray tinctures. I was eventually able to get a pink one, but with the stickers I make it even more my own.

hoortoestel stickers review nucleus7

Neatly supplied with a card explaining how to do it and you can remove it without any glue residue.

It looks nice and it fits well on the CI

hoortoestel stickers review belgische vlag
Suzanne Shell

Beautiful visible hearing aid sticker for my grandfather. It was lost several times before this and never again since! And it looks nice too :)

hoortoestel stickers voetballen review
Suzanne Van Den Hurk

Very good experience. Nice stickers for a great price. The stickers are properly attached to the devices.
Friendly and fast service.
We will definitely order more often!

hoortoestel stickers nucleus 8.jpeg
Anouk Jonkvorst

Very nice stickers for my son's CI's, they put a lot of thought into the design... he is super happy with it!

Laura Walravens

Very satisfied!
When I presented the basic idea of ​​my stickers to them, they immediately got to work. I was quickly sent some possible options.
Once I had communicated my choice, the stickers were ready quickly!
My next order will definitely be with you!

hoortoestel stickers dinosaurus
Hanne Demuynck

Very happy with Eden's pimped hearing aids... a hearing impairment doesn't have to be boring! ;)

Ilonka Strating

Very nice stickers, our daughter is very happy with them. Nicely pimped CI's now

Tasmara Janssen

Super nice stickers, and lots of choice!
I'm super happy with it!

Screenshot 2023-04-13 at 22.31.38.png
Minke W.

Tiny stickers has thought along with us. Fast and personal service.