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TinyStickers hoortoestel stickers

A sticker based on your photo hearing aid and cochleair implant sticker

9,95 €

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We adjust every design for your chosen brand!

The pictures displayed here are for demo purposes only on a specific hearing aid!

Stylish stickers as hearing aid accessories.

We will create a matching hearing aid sticker based on your photo!

Get ready for the new school year with our awesome Back to School stickers for your hearing aid! 📝👂

Add some flair to your Cochlear implant or hearing aid and start the semester in style. 🍎✨

TinyStickers makes stickers for hearing aid or cochlear implant.

Tiny Stickers makes personalized stickers, keychains, magnets, ... .
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information

  • Hand made
  • Waterproof
  • Magnets
  • Keychains

We design each theme for hearing aids and cochlear implants!

If we don't have your brand yet, we always email the custom design first so that we are satisfied together!

Watch out!
Due to the difference in hearing aid sizes, a pattern may look a little different per device.

Please note, for orders larger than € 30 we give free shipping!

Customer reviews

TinyStickers hoortoestel stickers
Christina Agermose

Fantastic customer service. Card payment was not an option to start with, but they fixed that quickly. Super fast delivery, despite the fact that they had to go from Belgium to Denmark. The stickers are exactly as expected, really nice and super easy to put on. Can definitely recommend Tinystickers.

Marloes Huizinga

Very nice stickers. Both my children (boy and girl), aged 3 and 5, now proudly wear their hearing aids and show them off to everyone. They also stay in place well.

hoortoestel stickers.png
Tabea Voß

The stickers are great. My son wanted a sticker with his hair for his new CI. After a short consultation with TinyStickers, this request was fulfilled very easily.
The other stickers for the processor and his hearing aid also look really nice. As soon as the devices are complete, the stickers are stuck on.
Thank you. My son is totally happy.

Ann S.

Ended up here through colleagues. Very fast and friendly response and super helpful. My son now has a very nice CI that makes him even more unique 😊

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We design each theme for hearing aids and cochlear implants!
Here are some demos from other designs
Advanced Bionics - Naida CI M90 Spraakprocessor - Sky CI M90.png

Advanced Bionics - Marvel Naida CI M90 spraakprocessor - Marvel Sky CI M90

Bernafon CPx - hoortoestel sticker

Bernafon CPx

baha 6 hoortoestel stickers.png

Cochlear Baha 6 Max

Nucleus 7 Sound processor cochleair implantaat sticker

Cochlear Nucleus 7 Sound Processor (1 small and 1 large battery included)

tinyStickers Cochlear nucleus 8 hoortoestel sticker

Cochlear Nucleus 8 Sound Processor (1 small and 1 large battery included)

MEDEL Rondo 2 - hoortoestel stickers.png

MEDEL Rondo 2

MEDEL RONDO3 hoortoestel sticker

MEDEL Rondo 3

Medel - SONNET 2 sticker - skin

MEDEL- Sonnet 2

Kanso 2 stickers

Nucleus® Kanso 2

Kerstmis kleine dennenbomen hoortoestel sticker

Oticon - OPN BTE

Oticon Hoortoestel sticker OPN Play

Oticon - OPN Play

Hoortoestel vlammen vuurdraak sticker

Oticon - Sensei pro

Hoortoestel stickers Oticon Real 2 - Play PX

Oticon Play PX / Oticon more 2

Hoortoestel stickers Oticon Real 2 - Play PX

Oticon real 2

Oticon Xceed BTE SP - hoortoestel sticker

Oticon Xceed BTE SP

Oticon Xceed BTE UP hoortoestel sticker

Oticon Xceed BTE UP

Phonak Audeo B-R hoortoestel sticker

Phonak Audéo B-R | CROS B-R

Phonak Audéo M-R

Phonak Audéo M-R

Phonak Audéo P-R hoortoestel sticker

Phonak Audéo P-R / CROS P-R

Phonak Naida M-SP

Phonak Naida M-SP

Phonak SKY M-SP hoortoestel sticker

Phonak Naida P-UP

Phonak Sky M-M hoortoestel sticker

Phonak Sky M-M / Bolero M-M

Phonak Sky M-PR hoortoestel sticker

Phonak Sky M-PR / Roger Focus 2 / Naida P-PR / Phonak Sky L-PR

Phonak SKY M-SP hoortoestel sticker

Phonak Sky M-SP



Resound RIE – MODEL voor Quattros, Key , Ligo , Linx 3D

Resound 61- DRW (RIE)

Resound 67 DWT Hoortoestel stickers

Resound 67 DWT


Resound 77 DWT

Resound 88 DWT-hoortoestel-sticker

Resound 88 DWT

Resound 960 (OMNIA) hoortoestel stickers

Resound 960 (OMNIA)


Resound 98 DWT

Resound-ONE 88 DWC-hoortoestel-sticker


Starkey BTE13 hoortoestel stickers

Starkey BTE 13 (Livio, Livio AI, Livio Edge AI, Evolv AI)

Starkey BTE R hoortoestel sticker

Starkey BTE R (Livio, Livio AI, Livio Edge AI, Evolv AI)

Starkey Micro RIC 312 hoortoestel stickers.png

Starkey Micro RIC 312 (Livio, Livio AI, Livio Edge AI, Evolv AI)

Starkey RIC 312 / RIC R hoortoestel stickers

Starkey RIC 312 / RIC R (Livio, Livio AI, Livio Edge AI, Evolv AI)

Can't find the design you are looking for ? No problem!